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from the Icebox inbox – 39

Posted in Spring, Submissions, Winter with tags on February 6, 2017 by Tito

cold morning moon
streaks of cloud discreetly veil
an absent face

K.B. Nelson

bare branches –
I carry the bin across light
scattered on gravel

Diarmuid Fitzgerald

a kestrel stoops –
the cutting edge
of a shakuhachi

Theresa Cancro

mounted on a rusted pole a rain-beat flag

Payal Aggarwal

First day of spring —
a stray monkey swaying
on the top of a pine

Yoshiharu Kondo

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from the Icebox inbox – 38

Posted in Haiku, Submissions with tags on June 2, 2016 by Hisashi Miyazaki

new shoes
snow squeaks like
last year’s
………… (Iliyana Stoyanova)

Shallow lake stretches
Between the rec ground goalmouths –
Cotton wool clouds pass.
………… (Kamome)

evening hush
beyond city lights
wires hum
………… (Joyce Joslin Lorenson)

the marina
cluttered with yachts
suddenly a clink!
………… (Diarmuid Fitzgerald)

That July

Posted in Haipho, Submissions, Summer with tags on February 19, 2016 by Tito


P5041243 (5)

A haipho from the summer by Akira Kibi.

Click on the work to enlarge. Comments solicited!

from the Icebox inbox – 37

Posted in Submissions, Summer, Winter with tags on January 3, 2016 by Tito

Charity shopfront –
Woodworm holes in the handle
Of an old man’s cane.


First sleet
on the kitchen garden –
citrons sparkle through

Yoshiharu Kondo

grandmother’s room
devoid of knick-knacks
but a Christmas rose

Payal Aggarwal

Bald eagle soaring
high in a blue blue sky
as we dance
on the ground below

Jane Wieman

fresh snow
the new beauty
of a lifeless rose

Joyce Joslin Lorenson

first cuckoo…
a slight hesitation
in the nun’s prayers

Grace Galton


‘citron’ – yuzu, a fragrant orange used to flavour Japanese winter dishes
‘Christmas rose’ – the rhizome helleborus (and not a thorny rosaceae)
‘dance’ – a Serbian folk-dance, we are told

from the Icebox inbox – 35

Posted in Haiku, Spring, Submissions, Tanka on May 30, 2015 by Hisashi Miyazaki

zoo visit…
after the downpour
a rainbow of macaws

……. (Grace Galton)

spring morning
how i fiddle with piano keys
missing her caress

……. (Payal Aggarwal)

indulgent mother
cow licking her calf
till he shines

……. (Joyce Joslin Lorenson)

Waiting for summer
The ice and snow are melted
But tempestuous storms
Wreak havoc
And I pine alone.

……. (Jane Wieman, Madison, Wisconsin)

from the Icebox inbox – 34

Posted in Haiku, Submissions, Tanka, Winter on February 19, 2015 by Tito

gleaming coals burn to ash –
the day begins
as a new slate

Brinda Buljore, France

early morning
uneven feet zig-zag
along the icefield

Payal Aggarwal, India

grey clouds
cover the tiny village …
trickling snowflakes

Keith A Simmonds, France

long-tailed tits
gathering in the hawthorn
first flurries of snow

John Hawkhead, U.K.

true “sky blue”
beyond bare branches …
the scrape, scrape, scrape
of a shovel
clearing away snow

Jane Wieman, Wisconsin

lingering cold –
through the shōji
the cry of a crow

Lawrence Jiko Barrow, Japan

from the Icebox inbox – 33

Posted in Haiku, Submissions on October 4, 2014 by Gerald

green leaves
cradling in its bosom –
bird’s nest

Payal Aggarwal

slow-drifting clouds
out of the lebanon cedar
a discussion of crows

Alan Summers

long tailed tits
gathering in the hawthorn
first flurries of snow

John Hawkhead

the pause
he takes on his flute –
spring rain

narrow road
the clash of umbrellas
as we near the Buddha

Kala Ramesh

the setting sun’s rays
on a carousel horse –
unicorn ride


Here by the pool
where no one swims
voices of cicadas

Jane Wieman

summer ends
counting cicada calls
on one hand

Michael Henry Lee