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from the Icebox inbox – 35

Posted in Haiku, Spring, Submissions, Tanka on May 30, 2015 by Hisashi Miyazaki

zoo visit…
after the downpour
a rainbow of macaws

……. (Grace Galton)

spring morning
how i fiddle with piano keys
missing her caress

……. (Payal Aggarwal)

indulgent mother
cow licking her calf
till he shines

……. (Joyce Joslin Lorenson)

Waiting for summer
The ice and snow are melted
But tempestuous storms
Wreak havoc
And I pine alone.

……. (Jane Wieman, Madison, Wisconsin)


from the Icebox inbox – 34

Posted in Haiku, Submissions, Tanka, Winter on February 19, 2015 by Tito

gleaming coals burn to ash –
the day begins
as a new slate

Brinda Buljore, France

early morning
uneven feet zig-zag
along the icefield

Payal Aggarwal, India

grey clouds
cover the tiny village …
trickling snowflakes

Keith A Simmonds, France

long-tailed tits
gathering in the hawthorn
first flurries of snow

John Hawkhead, U.K.

true “sky blue”
beyond bare branches …
the scrape, scrape, scrape
of a shovel
clearing away snow

Jane Wieman, Wisconsin

lingering cold –
through the shōji
the cry of a crow

Lawrence Jiko Barrow, Japan

Between two lights

Posted in Tanka, Travel with tags on March 24, 2014 by Tito




.Halt and yield
.. At the path that leads
…. Along the chalky downs
…… From red sun
…….. To risen moon

(Hackhurst Downs, Surrey, 15.3.14)

photo: Kazue Gill (click on it to see the full moon at extreme left)

For Duro Jaiye

Posted in Summer, Tanka with tags on June 21, 2013 by Tito

Through this screen
…… of June rain
……… wondering:
………… Is Duro Jaiye out there
…………… in the Singapore smog?

from the Icebox inbox – 29

Posted in Haiku, Submissions, Tanka on June 7, 2013 by Tito

inchworm ~
little by little
the lengthening day

…… (Michael Henry Lee)

Too soft their voices
for me to hear the words
of next-door neighbors
this night of the Full Worm Moon

…… (Jane Wieman)

At the bend
A hundred fresh trees –

…… (Kanchan Chatterjee)

Across my heart
the night worm scribbles hours
ink pours from the moon

…… (Jane Fenton Keane)


Posted in Haiqua, Tanka with tags on March 29, 2013 by Tito

At midday
Before making an appearance
Asking for us first
To sleep in the forest –
The baby orangutan.

 …. (Tuaran, Sabah, 22.3.13)


Night granite slopes –
More rain on the peak
Washes down on us
A rebel waterfall.

…. (Sayat-Sayat, Mt. Kinabalu, 24.3.13)



Posted in Tanka on March 12, 2013 by Nori

Morning dew …
Its clear, transparent drops:
If only I could run
Without stepping on them
With my white shoes.


I ate Manoa lettuce full of dewdrops for my breakfast.