Stephen Henry Gill (Tito), Kyoto admin. ed.

Gerald Staggers (Duro Jaiye), Osaka ed.

Nobuyuki Yuasa (Sosui), Gunma ed.

David McCullough, Kyoto

Noriko Kan, Ehime

Mayumi Kawaharada, Kyoto

Richard Donovan, Kyoto

Ursula Maierl, Kyoto

David Stormer Chigusa, Tokyo

Branko Manojlovic, Kyoto

Akira Kibi, Osaka

William Russell, Osaka

Richard Steiner, Kyoto


Former Contributors:

Hisashi Miyazaki, Osaka

Gilad Ronnen, Tel-Aviv

Kuniko Kishimoto (Nico), Kanagawa

John Dougill, Kyoto

Mark Richardson, Kyoto

12 responses to “Contributors

  1. Dear Haiku friends !
    I want so much to become a member of your Haiku circle, if you allowe me?
    Domo arrigato!
    Haiku fore you from Me:

    Frozen words melting
    in the hand
    of a lonely poet

    Linden blossom pale green
    was I the only one

  2. I would be honored to be a member of the Circle. Here is a poem, a call back to your poem by ED, inspired by her Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul…


    Its Feathers – ruffle –
    perched among – the white Blossoms –
    of my Soul – strange Bird.

    I hope you take away some lpeasure from my haiku, here, and in Submissions.

  3. Didn’t remember ED’s poem. Nice find. So bloody. More so because it comes from the Lady In White.

    Here are my reactions to bloody autumns, informed by the modern situation.


    Leaves twist in mid-air
    fall without sound: soldiers
    aftter IED’s.

    Fall Foliage

    Fall explodes – crimson
    colors, flesh tones, gray gristle –
    skin: burnt sienna.

    Detritus Of Autumn

    Tree parts, limbs and trunks,
    litter earth: guardsmen under
    their canvas HumVees.

  4. For everyone’s reference:
    We are truly grateful to the poets here (and to those appearing in the comments section of the Submissions page) who share their haiku with us or sometimes express their wish to ‘become a member’. The best of these poems will occasionally feature in the ‘from the Icebox inbox’ series of postings. The Hailstone Haiku Circle, whose site this is, does not actually have a ‘membership’ per se: it is an extended group of poet-friends, who collaborate on this site, on real events and on paper publications. Some of these poets have accepted an invitation to become an Icebox contributor – hopefully, a regular one! In order to control quality, please understand that we intend to extend the list of individuals who are given the ability to post to this site rather slowly and cautiously, through invitation only, and needless to say only if the editors feel a poet’s work is complementary to the spirit and an asset to the site. The eds. do not intend to reply individually to every request for ‘contributorship’. In the meantime, feel free to submit one or two haiku at our ‘inbox’ through the comments box at Submissions, rather than here at Contributors. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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