EVENTS & SEMINARS – Autumn 2018 (NEW!)

Forthcoming events and seminars are as follows. They may be added to at any time! Anyone is welcome to attend. First time contact possible through the reply box below. Click on the ICEBOX top panel to return to the top page.


27 Sep. (Thu.) Eigo de Haiku class, Senri Culture Center, Senri-Chuo, Osaka. 18:00-19:30. Special topic section: African Haiku. Enquiries: Nakakubo 050 7123 6069.

11 Oct. (Thu.) Hibikiai Forum English Haiku Poems seminar, Samaria House (at YWCA), Marutamachi subway, Kyoto. 18:00-19:30. Special topic section: African Haiku. Enquiries: Suzuki 090 4071 0159.

13-14 Oct. (Sat.-Sun.) Hailstone Annual Autumn Haike #17Pilgrimage to Mt. Miwa 三輪山 (Sat., 467m, special permit from Sai Jinja) & Mt. Goharetsu 御破裂山 (Sun., 610m, via 談山神社 Tanzan Jinja’s Harvest Festival 嘉吉祭 and ending at Ishibutai 石舞台). Night ¥4,600 ‘sudomari’ at Minshuku Wakaba, beside Okadera 岡寺 in Asuka 飛鳥, Nara pref.  2-3 cars will ferry people to and from Kyoto-Yagi-Sakurai (Kintetsu). Participating for one day only 日帰り is possible. To book your place in the women’s room or men’s room try to RESERVE by 9pm on 5 Oct, please. Car availability and tel. nos. will later be provided to participants. Contact: Gill 075 865 2773 (Stephen) or by email.

25 Oct. (Thu.) Eigo de Haiku class, Senri Culture Center, Senri-Chuo, Osaka. 18:00-19:30. Enquiries: Nakakubo 050 7123 6069.

4 Nov. (Sun.) Hailstone Ginko-no-Renga (composition stroll + linked verse) afternoon, Kitayama, Kyoto. 13:30-17:30. Tell organizers and details will be sent to you by email Enquiries: Manojlovic 050 3555 3122 (Branko) or Gill 075 865 2773 (Stephen) or by email.

8 Nov. (Thu.) Hibikiai Forum English Haiku Poems seminar, Samaria House (at YWCA), Marutamachi subway, Kyoto. 18:00-19:30.  Special Topic presenter: Ursula Maierl. Enquiries: Suzuki 090 4071 0159.

[17 Nov. (Sat.) People Together for Mt. Ogura Hike to maintain Hozu Gorge Trail (poets invited to join this NPO, with whom in 2010 we published 100 Poets on Mt. Ogura, for autumn hike). Beautiful scenery. Approx. walking distance: 4-5 km. Dep. JR Saga-Arashiyama Stat. by 09:55 (end by 16:15). Carry packed lunch and drink. Enquiries: Gill 075 865 2773 (080 5334 0990 on the day).]

22 Nov. (Thu.) Eigo de Haiku class, Senri Culture Center, Senri-Chuo, Osaka. 18:00-19:30.  Tensaku Corner presenter: Duro Jaiye (Gerald)  [Hailstone Committee Meeting at Palet d’Or cafe beforehand, from 16:30.]

[2 Dec. (Sun.), if very wet, 9 Dec., People Together for Mt. Ogura Rubbish Collection near Rokuchou Pass on Mt. Ogura, Kyoto. Beautiful scenery. Approx. walking distance: 4-5 km. Dep. JR Saga-Arashiyama Stat. by 09:55 (end by 16:15). Carry packed lunch and drink. Enquiries: Gill 075 865 2773 (080 5334 0990 on the day).]

13 Dec. (Thu.) Hibikiai Forum English Haiku Poems seminar, Samaria House (at YWCA), Marutamachi subway, Kyoto. 18:00-19:30. Suzuki 090 4071 0159.

20 Dec. (Thu.) Eigo de Haiku class, Senri Culture Center, Senri-Chuo, Osaka. 18:00-19:30. Note: this month’s class is being held one week earlier than normal! Enquiries: Nakakubo 050 7123 6069.


41 Responses to “EVENTS & SEMINARS – Autumn 2018 (NEW!)”

  1. Editors: in editing mode, if you are composing details of a new Hailstone event, be sure to save what you’ve typed before viewing. I learnt the hard way!

  2. Dear Tito,

    I received your note regarding some joint writing activity during this summer, and without hesitation I must reply yes.
    Please reply at your convenience if this is still acceptable to you.
    After reading your posted schedule, I have to admit I’m not familiar with the geography; might I require some study?

    Yours truly,

    Willie (bandit)

  3. Just a note to say we look forward to the ginko event this Sunday. the 27th September.
    Wishing you great enjoyment and knowledge gained in your walk!


    Haiku Bandit Society

    The renga project, due to its overwhelming popularity, is now being extended into Christmas.
    If you wish to take part, email Alan Summers:


  5. Hello fellow haikuists – I hope the haiku scene remains vibrant around the world. We would be very happy
    if you could promote this call for submissions. Thank you very much for your time,
    Myron Lysenko, Victorian Regional Officer, HaikuOz.
    Vibrant Australian literary journal, Going Down Swinging, will publish international haiku in various languages in Issue#30. Payment to contributors: $10 per haiku/senryu/haiga. Closing date: 31 March 2010. For details about submissions please go to the website:
    Going Down Swinging is a literary anthology of short fiction, poetry, comic art and spoken word, in a book/CD package, publishing since 1980 to widespread acclaim.

  6. Akira Kibi Says:

    We are looking forward to seeing you at the Kukai at our humble house on the 23 Sept. Throw in your haiku or two, please.

  7. Ella Rutledge Says:

    Hello. I received something in the mail from Kikakuza–perhaps related to the 2010 haibun contest–while I was out of the country. The post office returned it to you because I did not pick it up from them within a week. I am back home now. Could you please try sending it again?

    Thanks so much.

    Ella Rutledge

    • Have passed this request on to Nobuyuki Yuasa, Ella. Feel free to leave comments on this site anywhere, or submit something of your own via the Submissions page anytime you like.

  8. Hi, I am intersted in the event on Nov.27.
    I would love to attend this.
    Can I just show up on that day, or should I register first?

    • Dear Chieko,
      You can just turn up on the day. Look out for a foreign face or two amongst some Japanese standing very near that koban at 1:30. Hope to see you!

  9. Hi, Tito,
    Thank you for your response, see you there!

    • Maybe our English Haiku Poems class will interest you? It is called ‘Hibikiai Forum’ and is held on Dec. 9 and Jan. 13 near the Imperial Park in Kyoto. You can telephone Keiko Yurugi after 8pm on 075-771-9338 for details. Hope to see you sometime.

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  11. […] Information: 075-771-9338 TEL/FAX Keiko Yurugi (after 8 pm) […]

  12. […] Information: 075-771-9338 TEL/FAX Keiko Yurugi (after 8 pm) […]

  13. Dear Icebox. I will be in Kyoto on May 13 and 14th and would like to take an evening haiku course. I got your address through my travel agent “Japan Moods”. Please let me know how to proceed?
    Thank you.

  14. […] from the event below. Please visit the Hailstone Haiku Circle website to find out more about their events and […]

  15. Hello Tito,

    The Blogger posting service I am using has been having maintenance problems for the last 24 hours or so. I am unable to post updates, contact and submission information.

    I will remain watchful, and when service resumes I will update information online.

    Thank you for your patience. We will go on with our walk regardless of “technological” error. May you enjoy a lovely time together; our hearts and thoughts are with you!


    • Dear Willie,
      I hope the technology will get into shape by the time the various ginko groups begin to post their poems on your site. We are having ours here in Kyoto tomorrow. It is the eve of one of the three big annual festivals here, the Aoi Matsuri (not Aoba!), so we prefer 14th to the 15th when everywhere will be so packed we might not be able to think straight – a tall order, at the best of times! I will lead a small Hailstone group ( I prefer the collective noun ‘fable’) of poets up and down the Kamo River via an iris garden and a shrine to pray. I will try to insist that everyone who submits anything to you should make a credit card donation to one of the charities we’ve got up listed (many will have done already, but…). I donated a fistful of dollars to JEN just now, and am thinking about doing a spot of sludge clearance up in Tohoku in late summer with them if I can. We’ll see. Yes, you have a fine walk with your gang of Dottie Dots and what-not, … and all power to your expression.
      Green regards,
      PS I’ll copy and paste this same message into your site somewhere later by way of vibe!

  16. […] little collection this. I purchased a copy last week at the Hibikiai Forum English Haiku Poems seminar, and as it rained solidly all the next day, I spent a very nice, lazy afternoon reading through it […]

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  19. Please note that if you wish to join the Autumn Haiku Hike in N. Nagano pref., you must contact Hisashi Miyazaki by the end of July, as accommodation both in the mountain-top hut and in the mountain-foot hot spring inn is very competitive at the height of autumn foliage!

  20. Hi Tito,

    Making an English haiku is my new experience. I seek a group in Kanto now. Also I have some ideas to enrich and can I contact you via Email?

  21. William Russell Says:

    Is the Eigo de Haiku going on tomorrow? At Senri Chuo? Can a newcomer to haiku and Osaka drop in?

    • Yes. It’s 1,000 yen for a first-timer. Come and find us in room 4 (Daiyon Kozashitsu) in the Senri Bunka Center Korabo building, William around 5:55.

      • Or come up and introduce yourself to me just outsude the ticket barrier at Senri Chuo monorail station at 5:40 and we’ll escort you there…

      • William Russell Says:

        Okay I’ll get the Midosuji line from Nakatsu. I think I’ll be at Senri Chuo station at 17:43 unless I can get away from work earlier!

      • William Russell Says:

        I can see the room on the floor map of the bunka centre second floor, so I’ll be able to find it myself :)

    • Hi, William. I gave you my email address, but haven’t heard from you since the Jan. class. Will you come along again on Feb. 24? If so (or a couple of days prior to whenever you next come), please try to write a haiku or two and send them to me via email. Double space. Next time you would pay 2000, not 1000, but it will include indiv. composition suggestions. Otherwise, take in another of our seminars/events listed here sometime?

  22. Greetings from Philadelphia! I hope to visit Japan next year (possibly spring) and spend time in Kansai. I am a poet and have published a collection of tanka through a small press (but I love all of the Japanese forms) and hope to join in on some events with other poets in the region. I am very happy to have found your group and hope to meet you in person in the future.

    • It will be good to meet you, Dawn, when you get over here and please feel welcome to our events. We will post some new dates here soon, but you can pencil in 2/23 and 3/23 (evening) for Osaka and 4/13 (evening) and 4/16 (afternoon) for Kyoto if you can make any of those.

  23. Greetings from Jerusalem ))
    my name is Amit and I’m a poet and scholar of creative collaboration.
    more then anything I’m a Renga enthusiast, and am thrilled to read of your “ginko-no-renga” sessions! sounds so inspiring..
    Lately i have published the first hebrew poetry+research anthology of collaborative poetry. It is called “The Book of Flow” :)
    Nowadays I am working on a research-journey to Kyoto, for next year, and be so happy to meet and collaborate with your group.
    Please let me know, and if possible – email me back so we can contact freely.
    thank you, and much blessings.

  24. Hitomi Kanezaki Says:

    Hello Tito,

    I’m a Japanese woman. When I was seventeen, I wrote tanka and many of they had put on newspapers and magazines. And I got a small award of small contest of tanka five years ago. Recently, I’m interested in writing stories and poems in English and doing actually. I’d love to join your events and hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,

    • Hello Tito,

      I was looking forward to attending 28th’s event, but I cannot go there this time… I am very sorry.


      • Sorry for the delay in replying to your comment. Sep. 1-20 I was away in UK. I am sorry to read that you cannot come on Sep. 28, but am looking forward to seeing you on 12 or 26 Oct. perhaps.

      • Thank you for saying so. I hope I will see you someday.

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