Haiga Walk V – March 2019

Hailstone Haiku Circle held its 5th Haiga Walk in Kyoto at the Four Seasons Hotel. The hotel allowed us to spend time taking in the views of its 積水園 Shakusui-en, an 800-year-old garden pond which was once part of war lord Taira no Shigemori’s mountain villa. This circuit-style garden is one of the few created at the end of the Heian period (794-1185). Eight people took part, and later gathered in the garden’s tea house (Shakusui-tei) to share haiku, sketches, photos, and haiga inspired by the stroll.







click on the picture to read the poem




Drawing: Hitomi Suzuki

Haiku: Duro Jaiye





Haipho: Mayumi Kawaharada





Haiga: Branko Manojlovic





Haiga: Ursula Maierl





Haipho: Tito





Haiga: Kyoko Nozaki





Haiga: Duro Jaiye





Drawing: Kyoko Nozaki

Haiku: Hitomi Suzuki





Haipho: Mayumi Kawaharada





Haiga: Julie Stacker





Photo: Mayumi Kawaharada

Haiku: Hitomi Suzuki










One response to “Haiga Walk V – March 2019

  1. The report is very sensitively done by G. Thanks. It is a nice commemoration of a good creative day. I especially enjoyed the pair of ducks getting ready for spring and Mayumi’s straw zouri (sandals) picture.

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