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◊ HAILSTONES (2001) a haiku chapbook ¥700 (airmail $7, incl. postage & packaging;  sold out)


◊ LOST HEIAN (2003) a Japan-in-Asia haiku gathering ¥800 (discount price for last copies; airmail $12, incl. p&p)


◊ ENHAIKLOPEDIA (2005) a haiku topic anthology, incl. haibun ¥1,000 (reprinted in larger format, discount price; airmail $15, incl. p&p; further reduction available if bought with Meltdown)


◊ The MOON and INSECTS (2007) a haiku chapbook ¥500 (sold out)


(2007) bilingual, incl. haibun & illustrations ¥1,000 (last few copies; airmail now $15, incl. p&p)


◊ ONE HUNDRED POETS ON MOUNT OGURA, ONE POEM EACH 小倉山百人一句一首 (2010) bilingual, incl. haiku, tanka & illustrations ¥1,400; airmail $15, incl. p&p; proceeds help conservation project on the mountain; Haiku Society of America Kanterman Merit Award for Best Anthology 2011; last few copies)






◊ MELTDOWN メルトダウン (2013) a haiku topic anthology, Z to A, “head and shoulders above all haiku collections published in English language so far” (Dimitar Anakiev in Haiku Novine), incl. almost 500 haiku and a short 4-part renku cycle ¥1,500 (+ p&p); airmail $20, incl. p&p; package price available if purchased with companion volume, Enhaiklopedia.



◊ PLAIN LIVING, HAPPY SINGING (2014) a solo haiku collection by Toshi Ida, including haibun and haiga; ¥860, US$12 (airmail incl. p&p, ordering as above)








◊ GENJUAN HAIBUN CONTEST Decorated Works 2012-14 (2015) contains 29 haibun pieces by awardees from around the globe, 3 by judges, 4 classical Japanese pieces in Eng. trans, judges comments, haiga/nanga;  ¥1,000, US$ 13 (airmail incl. p&p, ordering as below)









◊ PERSIMMON (2017) our latest collectiona harvest of haiku, haibun and rensaku; 152 pp, 60 poets divided into four villages; ¥1,300 (+ p&p); airmail $18, incl. p&p




◊ KIKAKUZA HAIBUN CONTEST Decorated Works 2009-2011 (2011) 33 contemporary haibun + 4 classical ones in trans., judges’ comments, etc. ¥1000 or equivalent + p&p. (e.g. to US/EU/Oz $12 in total). Pub. Book Works Hibiki, Tokyo. 


Kikakuza 09-11 + Genjuan 12-14 Decorated Works (2-book set) special discount price ¥1,600 (or $20 to US/EU/Oz, incl. p&p).



Enquiries: through the reply box below.

Mail orders in Japan: Teruko Yamamoto 山本照子様 〒567-0046 大阪府 Osaka-fu 茨木市 Ibaraki-shi 南春日丘 Minami Kasugaoka 6-1-5 (tel. 072 627 3412). Email: . Use genkin-kakitome (envelope for cash available from PO). Put a note inside with your name and address.

Overseas orders: Hisashi Miyazaki, 54-16 Hamuro-cho, Takatsuki-shi, Osaka 〒569-1147, Japan. Email: . Please use cash US$ (or equivalent £ or ¥), wrapped in aluminium foil or thick paper within envelope. Put a note inside with your name and address.


26 Responses to “PUBLICATIONS”

  1. i would like to buy Enhaiklopedia.
    I live in New York City.

    Please let me know how I can order in the quickest possible way.

    • Thank you for your interest. Kindly send US$ 15 in cash well-wrapped in an envelope to Hisashi Miyazaki, 54-16 Hamuro-cho, Takatsuki-shi, Osaka 569-1147, Japan, clearly stating your own address and the title of the book. He will airmail it to you within a week of receipt.

  2. Janet, I see that the site now says $12. That will be enough.

  3. Dear Tito

    I’d like to send 3 ( or more ) copies of haiku book “Our Window ” by my husband , poet Dumitru D.Ifrim.(1937-2005) to sell them .
    Please, can I send them to Hisashi Miyazaki ?

  4. Dear Tito ,

    My name is CLELIA, not…

  5. Heather MacDonald Says:

    Having heard about the project to help the clean-up of Mt. Ogura, I would like to know the cost of a couple of issues sent to Canada.
    Thank you,
    (Member, Haiku Canada)

    • Thanks, Heather, for your interest. We have just replied to you by email. Comment again if you haven’t received it, please!

  6. Hello, I read on the Japan Visitor blog that you have review copies of ONE HUNDRED POETS ON MOUNT OGURA, ONE POEM EACH 小倉山百人一句一首 to give away. If you could fire one my way I would be very happy to review it on my (rather popular, local) site This is exactly the kind of thing I want to support! Do you still have any review copies left?

    Michael Lambe (Deep Kyoto)

  7. […] for Mt. Ogura). I’d heard that P.T.O together with the Hailstone Haiku Circle had brought out a book of poems to raise funds and awareness for their work. Well! Poetry and environmentalism together?! This is […]

    • If anyone interested clicks the link Michael Lambe has provided to Deep Kyoto, you will be able to see photos of a couple of our recent workdays as well as read a nice account of PTO’s work on Mt. O. A review of our 100 Poets book is coming up soon at Deep Kyoto, we hear. Thanks, Michael!

      • george swede Says:

        Dear Stephen,

        I hope you and yours were away from the epicenter of the catastrophic

        Take care.


  8. […] Tsuchida from the collection One Hundred Poets on Mount Ogura, One Poem Each) The cover image is by kiri-e (cut paper) artist Yoshio […]

  9. Hi,

    I’d love to get one or more copies of “One Hundred Poets on Mount Ogura”, but don’t get to Kyoto as often as I’d like. Though I know I can mail Kawaguchi-san an order, are there any places to buy it in Osaka or Nara? Tomorrow (Sat, 10/23), I’ll be bouncing around Tenmabashi & probably Umeda areas, and am generally in town Mondays & Wednesdays for work.

    Btw… I found out through Michael’s “Deep Kyoto” blog, but have you bookmarked now too.

    Thanks, and nice work!


  10. […] Umekoji Park! One Hundred Poets on Mount Ogura One Poem Each new TWTR.Widget({ version: 2, type: 'profile', rpp: 4, interval: 6000, width: […]

  11. hello im new to this site and im really happy my father told
    me to check it out i love what the kyoto journal people are doing. i am an artist and im feeling the positivity coming from the journal

  12. Herman van der Made Says:

    Good Day,

    I am traveling to Kyoto on April 11. Could you give the addresses where I can buy some of your publications like: HAILSTONES and ONE HUNDRED POETS ON MOUNT OGURA ?

    best wishes,

    Herman van der Made

  13. […] Icebox.  See Orders for Seasons of the Gods can be made here: This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. ← Day of the Dead (Obon […]

  14. […] co-edited by Stephen Gill, Duro Jaiye, Hisashi Miyazaki and Jane Wieman. Orders can be made here:   This entry was posted in Poetry. Bookmark the permalink. ← The Cult of the […]

  15. One of my FB friends would like a copy of the Kikakuza Haibun Contest winners anthology. Please send me details (ordering address and cost of book, plus S&H. Thank you!

    • Thanks for the enquiry, Maggie. Will deal with this by email when I’ve time later in the week, as I know your address. A few days’ patience, please.

  16. […] MELTDOWN メルトダウン (2013) An Anthology of Haiku, Z to A. ISBN: 978-4-9900822-5-3 Edited by Stephen Henry Gill Includes almost 500 haiku and a short 4-part seasonal renku cycle over 228 pages. Cover by Richard Steiner. Price:¥1,500; airmail $20, incl. p&p Dimensions: 19 x 13 cm.  Covers feature a tactile matt paper finish. How to order: details are at the Hailstone Haiku Circle’s Publications page: […]

  17. […] has published to date nine collections ( which showcase all the haiku arts, including linked verse renga (renku), haibun (haiku short […]

  18. Beverly Acuff Momoi Says:

    I would like to buy a copy of Persimmon. I see that it is $18USD — does that include mailing costs? Also, where do I send payment? Thanks!

    • As written above, airmail $18, incl. p&p, which means “including mailing costs”, and order through Hisashi Miyazaki, 54-16 Hamuro-cho, Takatsuki-shi, Osaka 〒569-1147, Japan. Email: . Please use cash US$ (or equivalent £ or ¥), wrapped in aluminium foil or thick paper within envelope. Put a note inside with your name and address. Any further enquiries by email to him, please.

  19. Patrick Sweeney Says:

    Thank you. I enjoy the wonderful work you do.

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