Hailstone Hits

Here is a selection from some of our past publications of haiku and haiqua by Hailstone participants. If you particularly like something, leave a comment in the reply box at the bottom of this page. It will encourage the author. Thank you.



Hailstones bouncing

every which way –

each to its own rhythm

(Jane Wieman, from Enhaiklopedia)

Xavier’s coffin

at rest on the hill –

Malacca Strait

in the haze

(Michio Sano, from The Meridian)

five straight nights the hard & soft lullaby rain

(Duro Jaiye, from Seasons of the Gods)

Hugging the cedar

I put my ear to it:

another season

(Reiko Hayahara, from Seasons of the Gods)

the lute sleeps

1000 years deep

waiting for my touch

(Robert MacLean, from Hailstones)

the doorbell –

wind rolls an acorn

into the hall

(Michiko Suzuki, from Lost Heian)

lightning falls

into a field of dandelions –

departing spring

(Midori Inoue, from Hailstones)

To the monolith

The gods created

As their gravestone –

Ferocious heat

(Arisu, from To Gigeiten)


a kite hovering on the breeze …

spring mirrored water

(Mizuho Shibuya, from The Moon & Insects)


and morning smoke …

and straight across a high field

one frozen rill

(Tito, from Enhaiklopedia)

deep in the forest

a missing person poster hangs

on a red-berried bush

(Gilad Ronnen, from Enhaiklopedia)

Having climbed Mt. Fuji,

My shadow stretches into

The form of a giant man

(Nobuyuki Yuasa, from Seasons of the Gods)

Afternoon shower –

a dog joins the bus-stop queue

(Yoshihiko Suzuki, from The Meridian)

over the chemical plant

with its stench of chlorine …

cherry petals

(Hisashi Miyazaki, from Lost Heian)

over and over

calling out for customers:

the pleasure-boat man

(Kamome, from Enhaiklopedia)

From Arashiyama –

The train carrying a faint smell

Of summer grasses

(Akemi Hamada, from Hailstones)

temple market –

hiding in a pile of kimonos

hot pink polyester

(Sally McLaren, from Lost Heian)

in a winter gust,

the stone circle:

talking about what?

(Mari Kawaguchi, from Enhaiklopedia)

Black cows waiting

for their trough water to melt …

early morning sun

(David McCullough, from Lost Heian)

No sign of blossom

in this wood …

yet on the sacred rock

white petals

(Keiko Yurugi, from Seasons of the Gods)


the legs of the bridge


with willow branches

(Ellis Avery, from Enhaiklopedia)

leaving Japan –

how long will this hailstone

last in my pocket?

(Amato’, from Enhaiklopedia)

Autumn moon …

occasionally illuminating

the dark river of my town

(Akito Mori, from Hailstones)


cheerfully invited to

the Macbeth Experience –

grey clouds on the moor

(Yuko Yuasa, from Enhaiklopedia)

alone at night

the only way to know the wide sky –


it’s rustling through the bamboo

(Cielan Chaney, from Enhaiklopedia)

the statue of Dakini –

on it, a pair of pigeons

peacefully sleep

(Kaoru Geka, from Enhaiklopedia)

on a red maple leaf, a ladybug;

what season is this?

(Richard Steiner, from Hailstones)

for the friend

far off in a snowy country,

blue bath salt packs

(Mayumi Shigeta, from The Meridian)

frogs call!

floor upon floor mirrored

in the city ricefield

(Moya Bligh, from Seasons of the Gods)

This scar?

Glass bangles

after wild dancing.

(Valerie Matsumoto, from Hailstones)

Amongst the blaze

Of fresh green leaves

A swallowtail spark

(Nico, from To Gigeiten)

The god’s horse walks

with the wind?

a man behind

to pick up the muck

(Mayumi Kawaharada, from Seasons of the Gods)

the first buds

beginning to open

on a tree

we didn’t know we had

(Richard Donovan, from Enhaiklopedia)

Lanterns in the dark

Flicker just above the ground –

Children’s procession

(Noriko Okumura, from Lost Heian)


From various trees

Shining by his head –

The child sleeps.

(Toshi Ida, from Hailstones)

Sports Day –

the autistic boy finally

runs without aid

(Yoshiharu Kondo, from Enhaiklopedia)

Against the sea’s roar –

The frail old man stands

Sounding his shakuhachi

(John McAteer, from Lost Heian)

tearing February

from the calendar –

spring comes to my room

(Akiko Tanabe, from Lost Heian)

at the clinic

of traditional medicine –

smell of moxabustion

sound of salsa

(Ursula Maierl, from Lost Heian)

In trying to outstare

the sunflower

falling in love with it

(Kei Goto, from The Meridian)

water lilies

having just opened

my vacant afternoon

(Sayoko Ozaki, from To Gigeiten)

on the trail of the gods …

all creatures and spirits

blessed by hoarfrost

(Nozomi Sugiyama, from Seasons of the Gods)

the solitary sparrow

singing songs of a new season

muffled by the snow

(Peter MacIntosh, from Enhaiklopedia)

before going to bed –

a cool wind from somewhere

sneaks into my heart

(Arietty, from Enhaiklopedia)

To run and rejoice

through moonlit fields …

with my dog of golden fleece!

(Masako Fujie, from Hailstones)

Two claps at the shrine

And the year’s first dragonfly

Takes flight

(John Dougill, from Seasons of the Gods)

in the earth

on the earth

above the earth –

all, spring lives together

(Zen’ichiro Nakamura, from Enhaiklopedia)

Black specks

from the red sky’s corners:

crows return to the woods

of the imperial tomb

(Ikuko Hirata, from Lost Heian)

The old gals’ choir

Rehearsing in the churchyard –

Indian summer

(Yoko Nagane, from Lost Heian)

2 responses to “Hailstone Hits

  1. Hmmm, i like the following:

    Hugging the cedar (Reiko Hayahara)

    the doorbellー (Michiko Suzuki)

    Having climbed Mt. Fuji (Nobuyuki Yuasa)

    Black cows waiting (David McCullough)

    The old gals’ choir (Yoko Nagane)

  2. five straight nights – Jaiye, from Seasons of the Gods

    Hugging the cedar – Reiko Hayahara, from Seasons of the Gods

    mossyness – Tito, from Enhaiklopedia

    Afternoon shower – Yoshihiko Suzuki, from The Meridian

    No sign of blossom – Keiko Yurugi, from Seasons of the Gods

    Lanterns in the dark – Noriko Okumura, from Lost Heian

    tearing February – Akiko Tanabe, from Lost Heian

    In trying to outstare – Kei Goto, from The Meridian

    The old gals’ choir – Yoko Nagane, from Lost Heian

    these words catch me strong in multiple ways and allow me to slip into amazing places. i like that. among other things.

    however, all of the works here have beautiful aspects to them which make them worthwhile to linger around in my skull. often the subtle, surfaces over time in this way—and i like that too.


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