Submissions 5 – NEW ONES HERE!

Anyone not yet an Icebox contributor, who wishes to submit an English haiku, haiqua, senryu, tanka, or (short) haibun or renga, can do so by offering it as a comment on this page. Just type it into the reply box below and click ‘submit’. An editor might later decide to move it onto the top page.

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9 Responses to “Submissions 5 – NEW ONES HERE!”

  1. white butterfly
    on a dandelion –
    praying hands

  2. sound of church bells
    as the train whistles by —
    wind, wind

    low sun —
    my shadow imprinted
    on the grass

    two planes flash
    in the night sky —
    two fish swimming

    traffic jam —
    on my windscreen
    rain shimmers

    late in bed
    thinking …
    unable to let go

    at the well
    between letting the stone go
    and splash

  3. juliaguzman44 Says:

    The red chest sanitario of the loicas
    in the snow

    Among the cherries
    the sounds from the santuario…
    Some petals fall inglés

    Autumn dusk
    The flight of geese
    reflectad in the river

    The smell of honeysuckles…
    The night lights up
    with the first lightning bolts

  4. a hare’s moon
    the few embers
    that linger

    Alan Summers

  5. owl hoots
    the night shifts
    with mice

    naming snow-
    between the violet
    and the green

    mackerel sky
    each bird twice
    as busy

    fledgling moon
    the bedroom ledge
    where stars slip

  6. rough stones
    polishing the table
    till she sees his face

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