Submissions 7 – NEW ONES HERE!

Anyone who is not an Icebox contributor, who wishes to submit an English haiku, haiqua, senryu, tanka, or (short) haibun or renga, can do so by offering it as a comment on this page. Just type it into a fresh reply box (scroll down to the very bottom of this page) and then click ‘submit’. Please do not submit on someone else’s comment, as it gets confusing. Please submit up to 6 haiku max. 4 times/year if possible in a single comment. An editor might later decide to move your submission onto the top page in our ‘from the Icebox inbox’ posting series. Thank you for sharing here.

Click on the ICEBOX hailstones top panel to return to the top page.

7 responses to “Submissions 7 – NEW ONES HERE!

  1. from Venelina Petkova, Sofia, Bulgaria…

    my mam’s Red pelargonium

    does not stop blooming

    Have I been a flower, too?

    seagulls cross

    the night skies

    and laugh at me

    awake through the night

    as if sad the cranesbill

    awaits the dew

    my breath …

    I ask the dandelion in my mind

    “Do you know how one dies?”

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