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Renga: ‘As Close to Triglav’

Posted in Renga, Travel with tags on September 29, 2018 by Branko

P1150717 triglav houses medium

Evening, 9 Sept. 2018, Radovljica, Slovenia; a linked verse co-edited by Stephen Gill (Tito), Dimitar Anakiev (Kamesan) & Branko Manojlovic; based partly on a long journey made between summer and autumn. Footnotes are appended.


As close to Triglav1
as we could be …
a cloud or two apart


Autumn begins: my
two guests were looking for a church
but they found me


In the mountain breeze
a campanula2 has turned
deep gentian blue


To my pen as I write
atop the peak —


Very long ginko3
jotting down poetry
using a goldenrod4


Sun-ignited clouds
weighing into
the Julian Alps5


Lying on its side
on a carpet of grass,
a foal in bliss


Snails, cats and me —
in the kiwi garden today
friends from Kyoto


The slower path:
deep in forest
spindle6 berries


A sea wind
blowing through the belfry,
the bells almost tone


It’s getting colder —
next to a Communist shrine
the Crucifixion


Here Soča7 ran red
with soldiers’ blood …
kids throwing stones


The pale weeping tree
planted above
my white dog’s8 grave


Hard for me to grasp
the vanishing of a world:
yerba buena9


Imagine the bulging eyes
that first spied these
viridian lakes10


Wavering beneath me
through sun-dappled shallows,
faces of mosaic saints


My big moustache
too wild it got this morning —
the street is so steep


Through the hushed arteries
of ancient Piran11
to its very heart


A pair of flip-flops
left at the base of the olive —
a story awaits


Those xenophobic
mosquitoes: bite after bite
for fugitives


In Lika valley12
dark-eyed Syrians — a wary
herd of deer



1 Mt. Triglav, highest mountain in Slovenia (and former Yugoslavia), 2864m, visible at rear left in the photo
2  campanula, bellflower
3 ginko, haiku composition stroll
4 goldenrod, tall yellow-flowered genus, solidago, mostly from N. America
5 Julian Alps, easternmost range in the Alps, stretching from Italy into Slovenia
6 spindle, pink-berried shrub genus, euonymous
7 Soča, river flowing to the Adriatic from the Julian Alps, scene of First World War fighting between Italy and Austro-Hungarian Empire
8 white dog, a spaniel from upland Nepal named Gabbitas, buried in England
9 yerba buena, spearmint
10 viridian lakes, Plitvice Lakes in Croatia
11 Piran, old port town in Slovenian Istria
12 Lika, region of central Croatia, bordering northern Bosnia-Herzegovina

P1150613 poets on Talež medium

Haipho works for NHK Haiku Masters in Kyoto 3. ‘Maiko-haan’ team

Posted in Haipho, Spring with tags , , on June 16, 2018 by Tito

Photo by Peter MacIntosh, haiku by Tito

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For the NHK report, here

Haipho works for NHK Haiku Masters in Kyoto 2. ‘Buddha’ team

Posted in Haipho, Spring with tags , , on March 22, 2018 by Branko

Hailstone Branko+William haipho

Photo by Branko Manojlović, haiku by William Russell

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Haipho works for NHK Haiku Masters in Kyoto 1. ‘Snow’ team

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Photo by Mayumi Kawaharada, haiku by Albie Sharpe

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Thanks, Mari! Goodbye YBC

Posted in News, Tribute with tags on March 22, 2015 by Tito

Tito, Mari, Reiko Hayahara, Mizuho

A sad day on Thur. 19 March, when we held the last ever Yomiuri Culture Center Eigo de Haiku class (#295) in Senri-Chuo, Osaka and when Mari Kawaguchi stepped down as Treasurer of the Hailstone Haiku Circle after almost 15 years. Fortunately, next month the English Haiku class will reopen at the nearby Senri Culture Centre. The Hailstone Bank account began by being a brown envelope in a closet at Mari’s house, but moved on to being a real account with a regular Japanese high street bank. Due to ill health, Mari has stepped down and Mizuho Shibuya has graciously offered to take over the role. At the last YBC class Mari was presented with a grey arare (hailstone) iron tea pot (for green tea) by Tito and a bouquet from the Circle itself. Like most haiku groups, Hailstone is essentially a non-profit organization with any gains made on sales of its books being ploughed back into the next event or publication project. The next major expense? Airmailing 100 free copies of the forthcoming Genjuan Haibun Contest 2012-14 book around the world. Thank you so much, dear Mari, for your joyful, selfless service on behalf of so many poets in Kansai and beyond. We wish you good health.

photo lt. to rt. - Tito, Mari, Reiko Hayahara, Mizuho

Glimpses of the ECHOES Haiga Exhibition

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ECHOES Haiga Exhibition

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. Calling,
. the call comes back
. through purple hills
. — e c h o e s

(haiku: Keiko Yurugi;
painting: from the spring Ogura scroll)

DSCN5850a-(painting: Kiyomi Yatsuhashi; haiku: Toshi Ida)

English Collaboration Haiga/(Mt.) Ogura Environmental Support

HAILSTONE HAIKU CIRCLE EXHIBITION 25 Feb. to Mar. 2 at Kyoto International Community House, Keage (4 mins. walk from Tozai subway station of that name). Enquiries: 075 752 1187. Free admission. 11:00-19:00, but opening day 12:00-20:00 and closing day 11:00-18:00. There will be 36 haiga collaborations between artist and poet (54 contributors from 8 different countries). [N.B. Collaboration between poet and artist to produce a joint haiga is not a new thing. Precedents include collaborations between Basho and Kyoriku, Buson and Gekkei, Chiyoni and Shijoken, Issa and Hochu, Shiki and Shihota, Kyoshi and Seiho, Seisensui and Hosai.] One corner will show haiga and sculptural works created on and for Mt. Ogura (in association with the NPO, People Together for Mt. Ogura). The largest work is a group painting measuring 4m and inscribed with 6 English haiku. Our new book, Meltdown, will also be on view. Please come along!
It is hoped that a report, including a photo or two of the show, will appear at the Icebox in future.

Kyoto: the forest within the gate

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FWGcover-Announcing a new book of beautiful poems, including haiku, by Edith Shiffert with photographs full of the quality of seijaku by another long-term Kyoto resident, John Einarsen. Highly-recommended! You can support the project and ultimately order your copy here:


Warrior Grave

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uaigh an ghaiscígh  … warrior grave

is gan éinne á cosaint … none to guard it

ach néalta fáin … but passing clouds

collaboration: Ron Rosenstock (photo)
& Gabriel Rosenstock (Gaelic/English haiku)