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That July

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P5041243 (5)

A haipho from the summer by Akira Kibi.

Click on the work to enlarge. Comments solicited!


as Munch screams

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The news on Christmas Eve that a local court had authorized the restart next month of atomic reactors at the Takahama plant owned by Kansai Electric Power (KEPCO) was not the hoped-for Christmas present! Accordingly, 100-200 local residents took to the streets on Christmas night outside the power company’s Kyoto HQ. I was feeling a little sick, a little angry, as this haiku came on … KEPCO Christmas 15

Summer evening talk

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Beautiful potholes tg

(Gero, Gifu, 9.8.15)


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haipho in Malta by Akira Kibi
click on the photo to enlarge it and better read the haiku 



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You who, time and again, say
“How sweet is this coriander flower”…
How sweet are you!







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reflections 016-

haipho by John Parsons

Kyoto: the forest within the gate

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FWGcover-Announcing a new book of beautiful poems, including haiku, by Edith Shiffert with photographs full of the quality of seijaku by another long-term Kyoto resident, John Einarsen. Highly-recommended! You can support the project and ultimately order your copy here: