Submissions 6 – NEW ONES HERE!

Anyone who is not an Icebox contributor, who wishes to submit an English haiku, haiqua, senryu, tanka, or (short) haibun or renga, can do so by offering it as a comment on this page. Just type it into a fresh reply box (scroll down to the very bottom of this page) and then click ‘submit’. Please do not submit on someone else’s comment, as it gets confusing. An editor might later decide to move your submission onto the top page in our ‘from the Icebox inbox’ posting series. Thank you for sharing here.

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14 Responses to “Submissions 6 – NEW ONES HERE!”

  1. Kanchan Chatterjee Says:

    almost spring . . .
    a cuckoo starts

  2. Happy International Poetry Day for yesterday! I knew I wasn’t going to let it slip by without me at least getting something sent! My sole tiny recent contribution to the Haiku corpus is from a week or two ago, walking back down the hill from Bullaburra into our little village of Lawson. On a clear day, we can see all the way into central Sydney, about 100km away:

    shimmering orange needles –
    distant towers dance
    in the fading sun


  3. Sunset…
    I walk alone on the beach, the twilight deep on my eyelashes covering my face. Suddenly, I come across seashells, big and small. I sit flat on the wet sand..waves that just receded. I collect all of them, dusting them off their wiery flesh. The persistent smell awakening a sense of ill feeling.
    Why? Why?
    The fullness in that fullness
    Yet, we succumb!

    dark night
    stars guide
    the boatmen

    Lakshmi Iyer

    • Hello, Lakshmi. Thank you for submitting this haibun. I believe Sosui has selected it (or a part of it) for publication in our next Icebox inbox edition, but we’d like to put the state in India where you reside beside your name. Kindly inform.

  4. summer morning
    a skim-milk sky spills
    over the sea

  5. a child
    at the bus stop
    falling leaves

  6. a dead wren
    beside the path

  7. dusk…
    I take home
    faded memories

  8. Kanchan Chatterjee Says:

    COVID spring . . .
    third straight loss in chess
    against my PC

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