Submissions 6 – frozen

Anyone who is not an Icebox contributor, who wishes to submit an English haiku, haiqua, senryu, tanka, or (short) haibun or renga, can do so by offering it as a comment on this page. Just type it into a fresh reply box (scroll down to the very bottom of this page) and then click ‘submit’. Please do not submit on someone else’s comment, as it gets confusing. An editor might later decide to move your submission onto the top page in our ‘from the Icebox inbox’ posting series. Thank you for sharing here.

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125 responses to “Submissions 6 – frozen

  1. Happy International Poetry Day for yesterday! I knew I wasn’t going to let it slip by without me at least getting something sent! My sole tiny recent contribution to the Haiku corpus is from a week or two ago, walking back down the hill from Bullaburra into our little village of Lawson. On a clear day, we can see all the way into central Sydney, about 100km away:

    shimmering orange needles –
    distant towers dance
    in the fading sun


  2. Sunset…
    I walk alone on the beach, the twilight deep on my eyelashes covering my face. Suddenly, I come across seashells, big and small. I sit flat on the wet sand..waves that just receded. I collect all of them, dusting them off their wiery flesh. The persistent smell awakening a sense of ill feeling.
    Why? Why?
    The fullness in that fullness
    Yet, we succumb!

    dark night
    stars guide
    the boatmen

    Lakshmi Iyer

    • Hello, Lakshmi. Thank you for submitting this haibun. I believe Sosui has selected it (or a part of it) for publication in our next Icebox inbox edition, but we’d like to put the state in India where you reside beside your name. Kindly inform.

    • M. Daneva

      We would like to post an edited version of this poem on our front page.

      academic year starts
      freshmen tour the campus

      Is this version acceptable?


  3. a mild earthquake
    simply goes unnoticed
    I google for the reason
    before I shake my head
    denying the obvious arguments

    ***** ***** *****
    on New Year day
    the twinkling stars descend
    down the shore
    I lit the lamps of hope
    erasing the shadow of grief

    **** **** ****

  4. hundreds of ripples
    in the lake
    she floats
    in the one
    of hers

    forest bathing
    on her toes
    her complains
    vanish into the breath
    of the trees

    Lakshmi Iyer

    • Ingrid, thanks for this and other submissions. I’ve chosen this one to go into our Icebox inbox 48 posting. In which town and country do you reside?

      • Greetings, Tito,
        It’s good to meet you, and a Happy New Year!
        I’m delighted you have chosen one of my submissions, thank you!
        I am currently living in Ohrid, North Macedonia.
        Best regards,
        Ingrid (Baluchi)

    • Hi, Sydney. In future you can leave submissions in a single comment. No need to create a new comment for each submission. I sense your crane carries the good election news!

      • Thank you very much Stephen for selecting my poem for inclusion in icebox inbox 48!

        I wish you a Happy New Year****

        K. Ramesh

  5. 54th birthday
    don’t feel like gardening much
    Florida winter

    Florida roadside
    Trump paraphernalia
    big red SALE signs

    broken mirror —
    clouds on the still lake
    a raindrop falls

  6. isolation
    until a new spring
    in Ueno Park
    when old cherries stripped of leaves
    clothe in velvety pink robes

  7. the big luck fortune
    not always the best to get
    only down from here

    lifting up their heads
    from smartphones the children hear
    morning owls outside

    behind morning mist
    birdsong reaches
    broken asphalt

    one pink Japanese
    Magnolia petal on
    the black, wet road—

    squirrel scampering
    across the screened porch—
    church bells ringing

    roadside funeral
    white crocodile flag
    flapping in the wind
    — Cambodia

    school bus windshield wipers
    can’t clear the yellow smears
    of spring butterflies

  8. closed borders
    travelling the corners
    of my house

    Cloudy afternoon-
    tangerines gleam
    on the fruit cart

  9. empty house
    the sun’s rays light up
    the lone gecko

    sudden shower—
    we whisper our dreams
    in the back seat of my car

  10. *
    temple visit …
    the memories of tamarind rice
    in both hands

    chalking out maps
    of houses now gone …
    a lost childhood page

    hot sunny day …
    ants changing their
    course of action


  11. the warmth
    of an autumn evening . . .
    orange crayon

    blank canvas . . .
    the possibilities
    of myriad thoughts

    scribbling god
    in Bermuda shorts . . .
    summer vacation

    above her
    a double rainbow . . .
    tribute to Dali

      • Thanks for submitting. In future, kindly submit once (up to 8 haiku, as Sydney did above) rather than in a chain of separate subs. which are hard to process.
        If we did select something of yours to feature in the next inbox posting, we would want to print your name and which country you are submitting from, if you don’t mind telling us. In crediting haiku, ‘havefun 111’ sounds more like a password. It’s your choice, though.

  12. No need to delete these this time, but in future all in one submission, please. I don’t know how you change your WordPress name, but if you Google that, you’ll find out. In the meantime, just tell me your name (and country of residence) in a comment here. Thanks again for your interest.

  13. grapevine arbors
    soak up spring sun
    wine country

    spring bulbs
    a squirrel rearranges
    the garden

    spring drizzle
    the fresh faces
    of apple blossoms

    Marilyn Ashbaugh
    Edwardsburg, Michigan USA

  14. Pinpoint the moment
    The drop falls from the flower
    Awesome awareness

    Eternity caught
    In the glimpse of a second
    A pearl of sun light

        • golden leaf spotted
          winter time walk in the park
          Clearwater Florida

          green grass bullies snow
          mothers and tots in the park
          umbrellas left at home

          awoken by the sun
          mothers nature free alarm
          bright star’s for bed time

          birds churping away
          meal time next doors feeders
          envy bird eat free

  15. Spring’s full moon
    Last night wearing bridal veil
    Wakefull I wonder

    Summer-time awaits
    The birch sways gracefully
    Pregnant with splendor

    Gliding down the heavens
    The rounded white face blushing
    For the bridegroom’s light

  16. Sleepless night in spring
    My love’s gentle breath is a
    Melody of peace

    Words put in haikus
    The joy of my wakeful night
    Thought-drops on paper

    Pondering worries
    Dreading the sleep drunken day
    With gray drizzling rain

    But stars are fading
    Bringing a bright blue morning
    Bird-hymns greet the day

    • Ellen, If any of your submissions are to be featured in the next ‘Icebox inbox’ posting, an editor will usually mention it in a reply comment beneath your submission. If he doesn’t, just check the next ‘inbox’ posting, please. WordPress automatically notifies you if there is a comment on your comment.

  17. wind picking up —
    suddenly from glassy lake
    Hokusai waves

    winter’s end
    pings of a cotton teaser
    carding village quilts

    the doves are back again

    pussy willow
    the bounce
    of baby lambs

    ringing out
    winter’s chill

    • It’s open now. Max. 6 haiku submissions per poet till the next Icebox inbox is posted (prob. Aug. or Sep.). Thank you.