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Hirosawa Pond, Kyoto, 26.2.20

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The job of the thrush

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Yamaguni Jinja, Keihokucho, 9.2.20

At Ginza SIX

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.. yearend,

.. misting rain bleeds into

.. the rooftop garden

Hong Kong Black

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A cirku is a haiku laid out in the form of a circle (to be read clockwise). It should work as a poem from whichever of the three line-spaces you start.

Thus, (reading from the :00 position) ‘long before dawn / a pack of stray dogs / baying me on my way’, or (from the :17 position) ‘a pack of stray dogs / baying me on my way / long before dawn’, or again (from the :38 position) ‘baying me on my way / long before dawn / a pack of stray dogs’: each works. Whichever image comes last is emphasized.

The haiku was written 12 years ago as I night-climbed Lantau Peak (Fung Wong Shan), Hong Kong. The pack of stray dogs was scary, for I was alone, but I made myself think that they were actually cheering me on! I reached the summit (934m) as dawn broke over the South China Sea and took the photo there.


The Shimanto River Line

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a limpid stream runs
beside the unprofitable railway –
swelling of buds

Haiga Walk – March 2019, Now Up!

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Click on the page link marked ‘Haiga Walk – March 2019 (NEW!)‘ at top right to view Gerald’s illustrated report on the haiku sketching and painting outing held at the Four Seasons Hotel’s 800-year-old 積水園 Shakusui-en (garden pond) in Kyoto.

Haipho works for NHK Haiku Masters in Kyoto 3. ‘Maiko-haan’ team

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Photo by Peter MacIntosh, haiku by Tito

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