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Strong wind
Giving up wearing a cap
Sun-exposed face


from the Icebox inbox – 28

Posted in Haiku, Senryu, Submissions, Winter on February 1, 2013 by Tito

deep winter
blending the color
of sky and stone

……… (Michael Henry Lee)

That scrabbling in the radiator: is it the rat my neighbour saw?

Rain. Lead sky. Lifting its bounty to the day: forsythia.

Yes, I have suitcases. No, I don’t want a cab. “Bitch!” one driver calls.

Buffalo. Thick obliterating snow. This electric blanket.

……… (Ellis Avery)

First varifocals
Renew my interest in clouds.

……… (Kamome)

From the Icebox inbox – 27

Posted in Haiku, Senryu, Submissions on December 18, 2012 by Hisashi Miyazaki

Sweet smell of summer—
Looking down on bare meadows
the first cut of hay
 . (David Sinex)

autumn winds
nothing bears repeating
but the moon
. (Michael Henry Lee)

maple moon
grandmother’s recipe
settles in the pan
. (Alan Summers)

Cobwebs –
My daily routine is
Lost in entanglement
. (Nancy May)

a diary –
within its ruled lines
anger and tears
. (Elaine Hillson)

wild boars
write in the sand –
october rains
. (Alhama Garcia)

At this stage of life
seasons swirl ever faster—
Years drop like petals
. (David Sinex)

Waikiki Bound

Posted in Senryu, Summer, Travel with tags on September 24, 2012 by Richard Donovan

This anecdote is hardly on the same scale as Tito’s, but my ‘hair-raising’ travel experience on my recent round-the-world trip was a taxi ride from the base of Diamond Head to Waikiki beach. The touting driver offered to take a bunch of us tourists (three Japanese and me) for 3 dollars each, only slightly more than the $2.50 the bus cost, and a lot quicker off the mark. Then two more tourists joined our group, and he put the price down to $2 a head. We piled into his minivan, all smiles. When the latter couple got out first and handed over their money, the driver yelled that they needed to pay more — it was three dollars a head. I pointed out that he’d said two, and he laughed, saying “How could I charge you less than the bus?”, and claimed it must have been his accent that had caused the ‘misunderstanding’. In the immortal words of Basho: “Yeah, right”. We all heard two dollars. Three dollars was still a good deal, but for some reason he felt the need to scam us….

It is true, of course, that such dubious characters ensure that they do not simply blend into the background of a journey: their dodgy-ness grants them a certain immortality.

taxi ride
to Waikiki —
the revised fare
drops like a coconut

(Other images from my trip can be viewed at

Tito, whatever the state of their vehicle, your driver and his companion at least seemed sincere in their attempts to convey you. I trust your destination did not prove mythical in the end, and will feature in the next instalment!

From the Icebox inbox – 26

Posted in Haiku, Senryu, Submissions on August 26, 2012 by Gerald

wooded bridge…
a maple leaf settles
into its reflection

(kala ramesh)

day moonー
contrails traverse
the sea of tranquility

(Michael Henry Lee)

dropping a bucket
into a deep well


Morning eclipse
a bell dulled
by winds and miles

(David Stormer)

childhood gamesー
I match a yellow shirt
with today

(Alan Summers)


Posted in Senryu on June 30, 2012 by Tito


Young Otis

Holding a placard

And looking forward

To being four.

……………………….. (with Mark Oseland’s son, …… on a demonstration in Kyoto, 29.6.12)

* The placard reads ‘PLEASE PROTECT US CHILDREN’.  This demonstration (outside the Kansai Power Co. HQ) was in Kyoto, just 60km downwind of Ohi, home of two nuclear reactors due to reactivate from July 1st, only 15 months after the Fukushima Disaster. In a land of earthquakes, this is clearly against the will of the majority of people here. 40,000 + marched in Tokyo!

From the Icebox inbox – 25

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……. first day of spring –

……. snowflakes’ dancing revelry

……. in the morning sun

(Akira Kibi)

Plum buds peep

At the black March

Cherry trees

(David Stormer)

………….. three wrens

………….. for the price of one

………….. spring rain

(Michael Henry Lee)

a thousand mushrooms

covered in a soft cold mist

quivering in the wind

(Nat Evans)

………….. on the surface of the pond

………….. they are mirrored …

………….. double-flowered cherry trees


……. At the ferry port,

……. One hour before departure –

……. That rolling feeling.


summer sky …

the temple doves somersault

into wingsong

(Kala Ramesh)