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snow whips

full-blown cherrytrees

he finds a hole

in his heart

Blossoms in the Snow

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In the hurry to see

Cherry flowers & snow,

My bootlace

Still undone.

(Mt. Ogura, Kyoto, 30.3.10)


Posted in Spring, Uncategorized on March 13, 2010 by Ellis

Nobuyuki Yuasa’s discussion of the use of ugly words, “haigon,” in haiku tradition (see the responses to “In Search of Himiko’s Palace”) touches on a debate I’ve been having with myself over whether to post a new poem. I’m so starved for any sign of spring in the city that even the smallest things cheer me up. Even what might be the Yuckiest Kigo Ever:

Warm sun! First fucked-out
condoms on the sidewalk!
Can spring be far behind?

Maybe I need to get out of New York for a little while…


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sun fingers

the forest snow


no-one is here

Winter Hudson

Posted in No/All season, Uncategorized, Winter on January 29, 2010 by Ellis

Long things beach here:
concrete pylons, railroad ties,
styrofoam swim noodles.

What is a “styrofoam swim noodle”? Here’s a picture:


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not knowing what to do

about this anger

the moon drifts among the clouds

Saint Patrick’s Day!

Posted in Spring, Uncategorized on March 18, 2009 by Ellis


We bellow it
out the window–
“Oh Danny Boy…”

Feeding Frenzy

Posted in Spring, Uncategorized on March 5, 2009 by John Dougill


Ducks tussle with egrets
Swooping hawks, crafty crows,
But the seagulls? Gone.